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Cheap Furniture Stores In Nj – Full Size Platform Storage Bed in Espresso Finish – Prepac Furniture – "Big Man, Big Hole in Our Hearts"

Cheap Furniture Stores In Nj


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cheap furniture stores in nj – Full Size

Full Size Platform Storage Bed in Espresso Finish – Prepac Furniture
Full Size Platform Storage Bed in Espresso Finish - Prepac Furniture
Espresso Finish Full Size Platform Captain Storage Bed
With it*s sleek and sophisticated design, the espresso finished Manhattan Collection offers you a designer product at an affordable cost. These hybrid products combine solid wood legs with laminated composite wood tops and sides to create stability and affordability with style. Drawers run smoothly on metal roller glides and have high plywood sides for ample storage. Solid knobs with a brushed nickel finish complete the products.
This Espresso finished Double/Full Platform Storage combines extra deep drawers for plenty of storage space with a slat support system. Wood slats positioned lengthwise distribute body weight evenly and minimize the amount of motion transfer. Six large drawers positioned below the bed are easy to access and accommodate clothing, or anything you need to store. Linens, blankets and magazines are just a few ideas. Coordinate with the Double/Queen Headboard, Cubbie Bench and other pieces from the Manhattan bedroom furniture collection. Product is made from composite woods, solid wood slats, metal supports and high quality hardware. Assembly is required and product is shipped flat-packed in three cartons for easier handling. Instructions are clear and components are well packaged to eliminate damage. Assembly Required.

Dimensions: 57″W 76.5″D 18.75″H Specifications – Dimensions: 57″W 76.5″D 18.75″H – Materials: Wood – Color: Espresso

84% (>11)

"Big Man, Big Hole in Our Hearts"

"Big Man, Big Hole in Our Hearts"
Tributes to Clarence Clemons outside The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ June 20, 2011

Baby Raccoons In Tree

Baby Raccoons In Tree
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© Brian E Kushner

Usually I see the first babies in May or June, this year got my first look the other day (end of August).
The adults know me, the babies don’t so for the first few times they come to visit they scurry when I come outside.
Check these two guys smooshed together in a tree and note the one sticking his tongue out at me.

cheap furniture stores in nj

dbest 00-022 Stuffed Animal Organizer
Holds up to 42 Stuffed Animals, Action Figures, Dolls and much more Easily find your favorite toy in a flash Tubular design is sturdy and stable so it wont tip over About 4.5 ft tall and only takes up a 23″ x 23″ space on the floor Do you put all your stuffed animals on the bed? Do they end up scattered all over your kids’ bedroom floor, creating another mess that you just have to clean up after? Or do you store them in a bag or in a closet where you can’t see them, then just end up giving them away? Now you won’t have to clean up the scattered mess, hide the stuffed animals or give them away. Organize and display your stuffed animals with the Stuffed Animal Organizer. It holds up to 42 furry friends, dolls or action figures using elastic bands secured around a center pole. Four legs add stability to the tubular piece and a white epoxy finish allows it to blend with any decor. This updated model is made of light weight polypropylene material and packaged in a smaller box to save on shipping. Another improvement is that no hardware (nuts screws bolts, wrench) is required, simply slide the legs into the base and you’re ready.


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